Light on the Hill
Coming in Faith, Growing in Hope, Serving in Love
​Grow Groups

Grow Groups are gatherings of people with a God-given desire to move forward and mature. They are designed to help us translate what we are expecting (or anticipating) into action and fruit in our lives.

  1. Counterfeit Comforts, Freedom from the Imposters that keep You from True Peace, Purpose, and Passion. Most of us have our familiar go-to stress relievers: a pint of ice cream, a trip to the mall, exercise, television, a glass of wine-or three. While outlets such as these provide temporary relief, none of them offers the lasting satisfaction we yearn for. And before we know it, we can find ourselves enslaved by addictive and harmful behaviors. But there is a way out. With grace and transparency, author Robia Scott gently guides you step-by-step through the process of transformation. Through sharing her journey of overcoming her own counterfeits-such as smoking, excessive spending, and obsession with food and body image-she imparts the practical, biblical tools you need in order to break free from the destructive mindsets and counterfeit comforts in your life. Who: Led by Jennifer Heald When: Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. for 10 weeks beginning Sept. 7th Where: The Children's Church room Cost: $10 for book.
    Counterfeit Comforts
  2. Horizontal Jesus, part 2- How Our Relationships with Others Affect Our Experience with God. Want to become a conduit of God's grace? Learn how to offer "horizontal" love as Jesus demonstrated by healing, feeding, and forgiving others. In this thought-provoking book and interactive study guide, Evans explains how to apply the biblical principles of the "one another" references in Scripture in order to grow closer "vertically" to the Lord. Who: Led by Bethany Morris When: Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. for 7 weeks beginning Sept. 5th Where: Children's Church room. Cost: $10 for book
    Horizontal Jesus - Part 2
  3. You want to live out the Gospel by serving others, and you're willing to sacrifice your time, money, and perhaps even your safety. But do you realize the spiritual dangers you face as you serve? Peter Greer, the CEO of a Christian nonprofit, found that serving others and seeking justice actually did him harm. He shares how something that started with the noblest of intentions got off track--and how he got back on course. His story is a compassionate warning for anyone who works in ministry or charitable nonprofits, from CEOs to weekend volunteers. Who: Led by Stephen Lyon When: Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. for 10 weeks beginning Sept. 5th Where: TBD Cost: $15 for book.
    The Spiritual Danger of Doing Good